Barbeque- Veg

As a connoisseur of Grill and Barbeque items, let me share idea on Home Barbeque. If you are not in mood for a full-course meal and want to do something quickly, then Barbeque is a great idea.

3 ways I have done Grill/Barbeque still now. The first one, get a Barbeque grill set tool and Briquettes/ Coal for the fire. The second option, Microwave with Grilling machine, just plug and play. The last option, Burner gas cooktop.

I started doing Barbeque from 2018 and did in these 3 ways. Though I love the hot smoky flavour from the Barbeque tool and it is unparalleled compared the other two ways. But yeah considering some constraints, then definitely try other ways.

This Sunday, I was too Lazy to use coal for Barbeque and ended up doing some Grill on my Microwave. Got some fresh Mushroom, Baby corn, Tomato and Onions with Chillies from the Market.

Check out the delicious evening snacks:

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  1. Arnab says:

    Just love this

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