Mandarmani |The Candlewood Beach Resort

View from the Balcony

The Candlewood Beach Resort is located at the Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. Visited it in the September month, the weather was pleasant. This resort has its own private beach with proper seating arrangement to enjoy the Sea. Every cottage has a special attendant who will take care of your needs and arrange accordingly.

Luckily I got the corner cottage adjacent to the Beach. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this wonderful resort. The food was delicious and sumptuous. Started the morning early with Sunrise and then had breakfast with Aloo Paratha, Bread Omelette, Juice and Tea. At Lunch tried rice with different fish curries- Pomfret, Crab, prawn and kababs. A live Barbeque counter is placed near the restaurant area to serve your favourite dish.

Morning scene
Sky before Storm
It's Dusk time at the Beach

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