Breakfast at Zoey’s Cafe, Bangalore

Today I visited this place and found it very comfortable for a Sunday outing. A warm vibe and a good comfy ambience. Sharing glimpses of the place.

A Chilly Evening

Do you ever wonder about Life ? How things change so fast? In blink of an eye, so many years have passed. This snap has been taken on December’ 2021.

A Blissful Morning

Everyday is a new beginning! This beautiful landscape has been clicked while attending an Art of Living class. Yes the day went well, not for the session but witnessing this phenomenal Sunrise. It felt amazing to feel the sunlight on my face and realising all our worries are trivial. Everything is on our Mind. The…

Barbeque- Veg

As a connoisseur of Grill and Barbeque items, let me share idea on Home Barbeque. If you are not in mood for a full-course meal and want to do something quickly, then Barbeque is a great idea. 3 ways I have done Grill/Barbeque still now. The first one, get a Barbeque grill set tool and…

Beauty of Nature-2

Subho Noboborsho to all! Wishing a wonderful year ahead folks đŸ™‚

Plethora of Colours

Summer Seasonal Flowers…Starting from April, we can see lot of wild flowers and it blooms so magnificently beautiful. In one frame, five colours captured..Yellow, Orange, White, Violet and Green. The Yellow ones are yet to be blossomed fully but see the magic it has created on its surroundings.

Beauty of Nature

” If You truly Love Nature, you will find Beauty Everywhere” Nature at its best art. If you want to connect with yourself..just step in to the world outside. You can feel the love and warmth of Mother Earth in its every form. One such afternoon, took this shot and see how beautiful it looked….

Mandarmani |The Candlewood Beach Resort

The Candlewood Beach Resort is located at the Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. Visited it in the September month, the weather was pleasant. This resort has its own private beach with proper seating arrangement to enjoy the Sea. Every cottage has a special attendant who will take care of your needs and arrange accordingly….

Horizon | Beach

Mother nature at its best form! Have u ever been travelled to a beach and wonder how Sea meets the Sky and the beauty it creates on the Nature. Love starts with your Motherland…one who does not know how to love the nature…can never love someone else. Let’s enjoy this beautiful moment together..

Peter Cat |Christmas|Kolkata

Peter Cat is a well-known restaurant at ParkStreet, Kolkata. Have visited this famous eatery last December during Christmas. During this time of the year, ParkStreet is decked up in fairy lights and tuni bulbs to welcome the Christmas. One can enjoy the real aroma of the festive season with crowds of people, loud music and…